2019 iraila 21

Who are we?

Hello comrade,

The truth is we don’t know who you are, what your concerns are, what doubts surround yourself, not even the reasons that pushed you into this blog. As you’d think, and you’d be right, not knowing who is behind the screen complicates communication. Through this post we want to introduce ourselves and our intentions; even if we know that practice will be the best way to get to know each other.

If you have come to this corner of the internet, it could be because this site called ITAIA (sickle) seemed interesting to you. We offer this blog to every person in Euskal Herria ready to welcome it: to you, who wants to retake control of every aspect of your life, who is willing to fight the conditions that sentence working class women to powerlessness, who wants to root out the exploitation of working class women… to anyone ready for the socialist revolution!

Through ITAIA we will publish our interpretations of the political development of Euskal Herria as well as other worldwide events. We want to create debates about the political subject, the alliances that should be made, the steps to follow, the strategy… that is to say, about every topic that should be taken into account to start an effective process of emancipation for working class women. To do so, we must identify and analyse the specific way we working class women endure exploitation, and boost the practices to overcome it.

As you’d have guessed, we have felt the need to create ITAIA because we didn’t find our spot, or we found limitations, in the political situation of Euskal Herria. Not in abstract or ill-founded debates, but in our everyday life: to overcome the economic and moral reliance on family and to reproduce our lives in an integral way; to stop seen ourselves as commodities between militants and to create collective will and well-being; to suppress the economic costs of menstruation and live this process as natural (as it should be); to face the problems in our youth assemblies and organise class solidarity; to control the storm of emotions that come from affective and sexual relationships and create caring relationships; to overcome the dependency on salary and create new relations and develop a social form not based on exchange; to end with superficial friendships and build healthy ones; to end the sexual division of labour in gaztetxes (squated and self-managed spaces) and create effective forms of organisation; to leave behind assigned gender roles and embody who we are or want to be…

The truth is we can’t guarantee that ITAIA won’t find limitations, so we don’t know how far this blog will go. But, at least, we have the determination to implement everything we have learnt from historic experience: that working class and bourgeois women suffer gender oppression in a different way, moreover, that we have opposite interests to overcome it; that we will only be able to achieve individual freedom in a collective way; that working class women have to create peer-to-peer relations with the rest of the working class; that to overcome working class women’s oppression we have to build a socialist society…

The urge to overcome the oppression and powerlessness we live every day, and the passion to achieve power to control our lives have brought us to create this blog, ITAIA: to boost practices that take into account our class character when dealing with the problematic of gender and have an integral perspective. This way, we want this blog you are surfing to be an instrument to break the inertias and boost a conscious and strong militancy. For that, we will work for this corner to be more productive and successful. With the hope and will that this job gives us, we’re ready to work!

Since this is all we wanted to say for today, we wanted to end this post welcoming you. We write with the joy working together gives us: because, sooner rather than later, we will make it, long live the struggle of working class women!

Hoping that soon you too will be our companion,

ITAIA Socialist women’s network